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Vincent Stemmler

Vincent Stemmler

At the entrance to the universe there are two empty vessels. Both of which are mass-produced objects recreated with accentuated signs of the maker. Each one has a body part attached to it, to further give a face to their unknown authors. Disintegrating in place, like the body through labor over time. Each vessel holds seeds, possibilities, waiting to be germinated.


At the center of the space stands a monument. Crumbling and broken, it seems to speak of the potentiality of our mortality held in stasis between forming and unforming. The figure - which seems to be a farmer - holds a basket of dried thistles, spreading their seeds across the installation space. The seeds float throughout the universe, like dandelion wishes waiting to be fulfilled.


The void; the place from which all things come and to which they return, serves as the backdrop to all of this. Matte-black cardboard with Christmas lights over wood framing, it makes itself evident as a makeshift universe. The architecture of the space mimics the arch and dome forms found in sacred spaces such as churches and other religious structures. The use of cardboard acts as a connecting point between package handlers and factory workers around the world. The meaning of this piece is both universal and personal as it is also meant to honor my parents who met in the warehouse in which they both worked.

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