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Austin Hinderliter

Austin Hinderliter

The notion of a partisan divide due to political party affiliation has created a rift in the United States that has reached a toxic level. My foil imaging political poster series seeks to draw attention to this polarization. The posters are not intended to persuade or alter one’s political standing, but rather create a moment of political confrontation based upon a viewer’s preconceived ideas in a world of unrest. 

In these works, historical text has been pulled from Time, Life, and Avant-Garde magazines. The typography is limited to Twitter’s two hundred-and eighty-character limit in order to bring the research into a contemporary setting. The character limit is also in reference to the President’s use of Twitter. American leaders from different periods of United States history and symbols come together with the text to build new associations. Foil builds on the narratives established with the text, acting as a reference to power.

Foil imaging also provides subtle nuances that shift in the light, altering the way one engages with the posters. Layers of screen-printed reflective foil reflect light in different ways, which alters the message of the piece depending on the viewer’s location in relation to the work. This altering of text demonstrates how our preconceived ideas and political preferences impact the interpretation of the work in a time of political turmoil. At one vantage point, foiled content is visible that is obscured from other points of view.

In order to fully engage with the posters, viewers should move around and interact with the work. As is the case with the political landscape in the United States, one must work to uncover a level of truth.

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